PG&E vs. Greenaction - Page 3

Two press releases present a very different picture of what's going on at the Hunters Point power plant

For immediate release: April 7, 2006


For More Information Contact: 

Marie Harrison, Bradley Angel, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, (415) 248-5010

Tessie Ester, Bayview Hunters Point Mothers Committee for Environmental Justice, (415) 643-3170


                  Showdown at PG&E Hunters Point Power Plant


           Greenaction and Community Groups Set Tuesday, April 11, noon

                as Deadline to Shut Down PG&E's Polluting Power Plant


PG&E claims plant will close, but fails to set date & makes conflicting statements about closure

Tired of broken promises over the last 8 years, residents issue ultimatum


San Francisco, CA - Fed up with PG&E's refusal to set a specific date to close the dirty and outdated PG&E Hunters Point power plant and tired of years of broken promises to shut it down, Bayview Hunters Point community residents and Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice will take nonviolent action at the power plant on April 11th at noon to ensure it closes once and for all. 


The power plant is located at Evans and Middlepoint, San Francisco, in the heart of the low-income Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. As one of California's dirtiest and oldest power plants, it has polluted the community for over 77 years.  Residents suffer very high rates of asthma and cancer.