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Global warming solutions dodged by the governor but understood by a little girl

There are also many grown-ups out there who agree with Emily and say that dealing with global warming may be difficult, but doing so proactively and taking a lead role in the effort might actually help the state's economy by encouraging development of new technologies and industries rather than hurt it."The chamber's very good at having 20/20 vision in the rearview mirror," said Bob Epstein, cofounder of Environmental Entrepreneurs. "All businesses need are the creation of simple rules, and then the legislators can step back and let business innovate."That seems to be what the legislature is trying to do, with Assembly Bill 32 seeking to cap factory emissions and reduce them by 30 percent by the year 2020. But whether the governor will sign this bill (and others to come) and start saving the polar bears and Emily's generation is a question he seems unwilling to address. SFBG