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Sarah Watt animates death and dramatizes life with Look Both Ways

SW Well, perhaps the lack of ambition can work in one's favor sometimes because you don't have a lot to lose. Also, I do know from bits of travel and from my friends who are very blunt and down-to-earth that we Australians are more likely to say what we think than a lot of other cultures. I remember telling my husband early on: "I don't mind if I only make this one feature; I'm just going to make the film I'd make if I only ever get to make one." I put everything in it. And I thought, "I'll just wrap this up, and then I can go back to doing something else." Perhaps because women have to struggle a little harder, they're forced to be more polite, more constrained.

SFBG Will you do it again now?

SW Well, animation is more peaceful. And being diagnosed with cancer during postproduction has made me wonder if the stress contributed to that. But I do want to write another one, and I'll work with Bridget on the script, and then we'll see whether I should direct or not. SFBG


(Sarah Watt, Australia, 2005)


April 27, 7 p.m., Kabuki

April 30, 1 p.m., Kabuki

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