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Dear Andrea:


Should I worry that my husband, who says he is straight because he just isn't attracted to guys, might be subconsciously or secretly gay? I'm concerned because he really likes anal sex. I think it is disgusting and painful and my first experience with it was rape, and I don't get why he likes it, let alone how he can enjoy it when it causes me such discomfort. I've agreed to do it periodically, in return for him giving up a vehicle that I think is dangerous, but I'm concerned about it.





Dear Off:


Yes, yes, it's normal. It's not gay if he does it with you, especially since he isn't even attracted to guys, and (as a Hispanophone friend puts it) "bla, bla, y bla." Do a search and you'll find me explaining this approximately monthly for the last eight years. My concern is not that your husband is a buttmonkey, but that you are willing to put up with something you find painful and humiliating just so he won't ... what? Ride a motorcycle? Unless he made it himself from a cheap Albanian kit, put it together with only half the bolts called for while drunk, and rides it blindfolded, I'd say you're getting the raw end of the deal.




Dear Andrea:


I'm a wanker. I call help lines and try to get the people who answer them to have phone sex with me. It works best with youth lines, but some crisis lines will do it too. I know this is wrong, but I can't afford phone sex. Do you know of any phone sex lines that are free? I heard San Francisco Sex Information will do it but they hang up on me. What are some good numbers to call?



Wanky Wanker

Dear Wank:

OK, that's pretty funny. If you're sincere, asking me this question would seem to imply that you expect me to give you the numbers of nonprofit do-gooding agencies like the ones I work often work with, but with slightly less well-trained volunteers? I'll get right on that.

Actually, I wouldn't even be answering this except that it gives me a perfect opportunity to run the sort of public-service announcement that I usually eschew, but this one — "phone volunteers, beware" — is near and dear to me. So thanks for writing, asshole.

Phone-wanking is a fairly common behavior or compulsion (which one is more accurate depends on whether the wanker "could stop anytime" or truly feels like he cannot help himself) and has little in common with the dreary-seeming but harmless practice of paying people to talk dirty with you. Your basic phone-wanker is more like the old-fashioned "What are you wearing?"<\d>type of late-night, random-dialing heavy breather. Your help-line wanker, on the contrary, is looking to score some nonconsensual jollies off of some well-meaning volunteer at suicide prevention or various youth talk lines, as you mentioned your wankerself. Now think about that: It "works best with youth lines"? Because why? Because the youthful staffers don't have the years of practice and built-up emotional callus it takes to understand just how creepy and devious adults can be? Because it's easy to snatch kids' emotional candy? If you really do do this, and you hadn't quite thought of your behavior in quite those terms, I suggest you start now.

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