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I think your response to "I Wanna Be Great," the girl whose boyfriend kept (unfavorably) comparing her with his ex, was on point. What I find strange is that women always want to know "how good" they are in comparison to past partners. I always respond that I cannot compare sex partners because each partner means different things to me. I have no desire to know how I compare with past partners. Is there some gene in women that makes them want to know this? I do usually tell them that they are the best and that is why I'm with them (hey, a little white lie for the sake of the relationship can't be that bad). Why do women want this information?



Dear Con:

I assume your only experience has been with women, so I suppose it's natural to go looking for the "rate me!" trait on the X chromosome, but let me tell you, you won't find it there. In my fairly vast experience (answering questions! I'm not talking about the other kind here), it is, if anyone, men who fret the most about performance and worry that a partner's former partners will somehow outshine them. But I can't prove it's mostly guys who annoy in this very particular fashion, and it doesn't really even matter. The truth is, everybody does it; you just haven't done it with everybody.

And by the way, your little white lie sounds a bit cheesy and don't think the girls haven't noticed. Flatter, but don't blow smoke. It isn't nice.



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