Ballot-box alliance - Page 2

Proposition A brings progressives and communities of color together - finally

"My concern is it's a set-aside," he said. "It binds the hands of the executive and legislative branches.... This is ballot-box budgeting."

Money from Prop. A would target areas with high rates of violence by focusing services on job creation and workforce training, conflict resolution, substance abuse and mental health treatment, and probation and witness relocation services. The measure would also form an 11-member community planning council charged with drafting and revising an annual homicide-prevention plan.

PowerPAC president Steve Phillips agrees with the other Prop. A proponents that the police approach hasn't been sufficient, and says progressives and minorities need to show more allied leadership to promote better answers.

"There's been an epidemic of violence that the city's been unable to address," he said. "We wanted to give money to those communities most impacted by violence." SFBG

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