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"I'm somewhat of a tourist. I also write on different levels. Obviously with 'The Tourist' it's not just somebody going for a holiday somewhere. It's someone who's in a sense a tourist, an emotional tourist... and is probably not such a good person because of it.”
"It's a different kind of writing when you write a pop single," he confesses. "Writing on this record — there's a long span to it and it's a slow burn.... So it's going to have a certain amount of depth to it to hold my interest because maybe as a writer I need to be fired up by the subject matter.... Maybe I write for listeners who probably want to dig and delve into it and realize there's a bigger picture there, bigger story there."
And perhaps, being a creature of little faith, as the Other People song goes, I should keep listening for the bigger story and fall back in love.
NO TEARS Speaking of Nawlins's musical dwellers, Quintron and Miss Pussycat have been firing on all pistons and Drum Buddies since Katrina flooded their Spellcaster Lodge. Phoning from Los Angeles, Quintron says the rebuilding is almost complete on the lodge but they're going to wait for the hurricane season before finishing work because the city's infrastructure isn't quite together yet. "I don't wanna do this shit twice," he offers.
Since the pair lacked insurance, the rebuilding was funded by benefits around the country organized by other musicians. "All our fucking friends are rebuilding our house. It just blew my mind," says Quintron. Their first show at the Lodge is scheduled for Sept. 15 with a promise from bounce king DJ Jubilee to perform — and don't expect Quintron to get bogged down in blustery sentimentality. "I've already written a song called 'Hurricane,'” he says. "At this point I can't do a maudlin blues record, like 'O Katrina.' It would be so cliché and stupid. . . . That's not what's coming out — I'm making more and more happy songs now, musically." SFBG
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