Swear an oaf


Dear Andrea:
After several bad relationships I started seeing someone new. She's into "playful" spanking. She started spanking me on the street one day and I told her it made me want to hit her. She seemed to like it, though, so I said OK, just not in public. Then I came over and she seemed really happy to see me and she was giggling about spanking me. And I was, like, "OK, this is kind of funny," rolling with it.
Then later, lying in bed, she spanked me. I said, "Don't do that," in a very clear and stern way. She spanked me again. I hit her in the head. Then she hit me in the head. This pretty much killed things and I'm just about totally destroyed as far as being able to feel anything toward anyone.
I feel unhappy with myself for hitting her but also angry at her for spanking me again. I tried to work things out with her, but she seemed barely able to understand my side of things. She implied that I would hit our kids. She works as a dominatrix and seems very businesslike about her job. But aren't there safety words or something like that? Doesn't no mean no? Should I have begged her not to hit me?
Dear Spanky:
Gag, gross, no. Of course you should not have begged her. You should have grabbed her wrist and lowered her hitting hand back onto the bed while saying, very clearly, "I told you I didn't want you to spank me. If you can't respect that, I'm leaving." Of course, in order for something like this to work, you would first have to not be a wishy-washy washrag who gives the spanking go-ahead and then changes his mind. She might be a bit of a bitch, but you do understand that from her perspective you were a total psycho, don't you?
Whatever your internal process (which appears to have little to do with what you want and who you like and everything to do with wanting desperately — and rather unattractively — to be liked), your outward behavior was, "Oh please don't throw me in the briar patch, Miz Dominatrix!" pretty much from the get-go. She couldn't read your mind, and then you hit her in the head. Doesn't no mean no, you ask? Indeed it does. For everyone involved.
Dear Andrea:
Things are going well with my boyfriend, except for one thing. He is too rough in bed. He penetrates too deep and too hard. He is also rough with his fingers and mouth. I have noticed a tear a few times on the edge of my vagina. I get really freaked out afterward when I see what it looks like down there. Does it make me more prone to infection? I have brought this up to him a few times, and he says he feels bad and doesn't want to hurt me, but I'm not sure if he really understands. I am not always sore afterward, but at least half the time I am. I have a serious problem with confrontation (especially in the bedroom), which makes these things hard to talk about. Is this something I should end the relationship over?
Sore Loser
Dear Sore:
Poor guy. He's not a brute; he's just some sort of lummox, or perhaps an oaf. He doesn't know his own strength; plus, he is not so smart. He means no harm, though, and if you like him I see no reason you should have to lose him over this. Nor, of course, do I see why you should have to poke around checking for damage and holding cold compresses to your nethers every time he's done with you.
See, I'm imagining you emitting tiny squeaks of dismay every time he handles you roughly, and maybe passing him neatly folded little notes that say "ouch." Speak up! He's barely registering your complaints, if indeed you're making any, and then later you say, "Too rough," and he says, "Sorry," and then you both let it happen all over again. You don't want to be a wishy-washy dishrag like Spanky up there, do you? Lummox-boy is not going to shape up on his own.

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