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Field Research Corporation is going over the top to keep unions out

Chris Daly proposed a resolution condemning Field Research's "unethical actions to intimidate employees" and the company's "antiunion 'captive audience' meetings."
"Field Research Corporation has revenues in the millions of dollars, only pays pennies above the minimum wage required by San Francisco law, and doesn't offer health care to the overwhelming majority of their employees," the resolution reads. The full board was scheduled to consider the resolution July 18, after our deadline.
CFO Rogers and Field Research site manager George Nolan did not return calls seeking comment.
One phone-bank operator, Oriana Saportas, who commutes from the East Bay for 22 hours of work each week, admitted she believed some of the workers who originally signed the petition had been persuaded to vote against Local 9415 by Field Research's antiunion campaign. She said that during the information sessions the employees were divided into four groups, including one group containing those who seemed to be most in support of the union. She says now she's not entirely sure which way the election will go.
"I asked [Field Research] how we could have a voice without a union.... They didn't really give me a straight answer," Saportas said. "Not every institution is perfect. Not even the union. I know that. But we need a voice." SFBG

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