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Brugmann, Guardian editor and publisher, posted some key questions for the publishers on his Bruce Blog at; here are some of them: Why, if Hearst and the publisher participants feel they can't cover themselves, don't they get quotes from journalism or law professors at nearby UC Berkeley, Cal State Hayward, Stanford, San Jose State, SF State, USF? Why don't they check with other independent experts such as Ben Bagdikian of The Media Monopoly fame, who is living in Berkeley? Why don't they quote union representatives at the Chronicle and Merc? Why don't they quote the congressional delegation that called on the Department of Justice and the attorney general to carefully scrutinize the sale? Why don't they call on Sup. Ross Mirkarimi, who introduced a local resolution opposing the sale, or any of the other supervisors who approved it unanimously? Why is it left to the handful of remaining independent voices to raise these critical questions? PPS Now that the investigation is closed, we've asked the Justice Department to release its full investigative file. We hope all the local daily publishers, who love to talk about open government, will support our request. Read the Alioto Legal Documents: Complaint.pdf Gannett-Stephens_Opp_to_ TRO.pdf Hearst_Opp_to_TRO.pdf McClatchy_opp_to_TRO.pdf MediaNews-Calif_Newspaper_Partnership_Opp_to_TRO.pdf Memo-Supp_of_Mtn_for_TRO.pdf Order_denying_TRO.pdf Plaintiff's_Reply_to_Mtn_for_TRO.pdf