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Document battle frustrates the mayor's flacks and galvanizes a new breed of activist

He posts a running countdown of how many days each request has been outstanding, as well as details on the runaround and excuses he receives from city officials.
His goal is to standardize how various departments produce documents and make them more easily accessible to the public "in as few keystrokes as possible," as he puts it. And to do that, he's made lots of Sunshine Ordinance requests, which MOC officials argue are too onerous for them to deal with, particularly given Holmer's lengthy, heavily annotated e-mails, which he fires off to a variety of city departments on a daily basis.
As the many city reps who receive these e-mails will attest, it can take well over an hour to read the entire contents of one e-mail, only to find out it includes enough attachments to keep the reader busy for the better part of a day.
Petrucione and Ragone, who have received Holmer's request for the mayor's daily calendar but not yet answered it, cite the difficulty in figuring out exactly what Holmer wants. However, even the Guardian's simply worded requests for that same information, as well as documents related to the recent health care measure, weren't filled by the timelines set out by the ordinance.
Ragone says his office is just trying to keep up with the deluge of document requests. He raised the possibility of reforms, such as a designated Sunshine Ordinance officer or standardized form, but the MOC hasn’t formally proposed any.
Matt Dorsey of the City Attorney's Office is wary of standardizing the system: “I don't think the law should create a barrier — a 'you didn't sign this so I don't have to answer it' situation." SFBG