Rage and resistance - Page 3

The Coup's Boots Riley continues to challenge with the unapologetic Pick a Bigger Weapon

Suits for Rage!' The point is that there are a lot of people who don't want to be part of the system and don't see themselves as part of it.”
"We all hear about the problems, like you can't say anything or the FBI's gonna put you in jail," continues Riley. "But the thing is that people need to feel empowered. I try to make music first that makes me feel good about life, that makes me feel empowered. Some beats make you feel like, ‘Damn, I'm gonna beat somebody's ass,’ and sometimes might do that, but I try to make music that draws on a lot of different feelings."
As Riley says, the album has many flavors. But when all is said and done, the essential message can be found on the first full track, "We Are the Ones." Over a booming, bouncy bass line, he sounds almost laid-back as he raps, "We, we are the ones/ We'll see your fate/ Tear down your state/ Go get your guns."
It's frank, on the ferocious side, and exactly what audiences have come to expect from the Coup. It took Riley nearly five years to release it, but Pick a Bigger Weapon is in your hands. Use it wisely. SFBG
With T-Kash and Ise Lyfe
Sat/12, 9 p.m.
628 Divisadero, SF
(415) 771-1421

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