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Our fearless correspondent brushes up on going down

Bartlett had passed the local licks-pertise torch down to her top pupil, Koko West of www.sexysexed.com.
For the past two years, Koko has been making home visits and hosting parties for up to 40 people at a time. She's queer identified and female, and teaches both fellatio and cunnilingus classes (one and a half hours for $250) and sex classes for couples (two hours for $300). Perfect! I set up a demonstration meeting with her and held my breath (while compulsively brushing my teeth). The next morning I headed to a local park where my pussy guru was patiently waiting on a checkered picnic blanket.
There on the knoll she sat, barefoot and draped in a polka-dot dress, her glistening tray of cucumbers and a silky pillow by her side. Without saying a word, I walked up, dropped to my knees, and prepared to imbibe the lessons of a true master. With tears streaming down my face, I begged her to teach me all she could. Her hands came down from the heavens to push the hair from my sweaty brow. "Shhh," she said, "Koko's gonna make it all better. Tell me what you want to know."
My first question was obvious and the answer surprising; "What is the best way to perform cunnilingus?" I blurted. "First of all," she said, "I find the word cunnilingus a bit unsexy. I like to say 'going down' or 'licking pussy.' And honestly, there's no tried-and-true way to go down on a woman. She may love something one day and yearn for something completely different the next. The key is talking."
"What do you mean," I asked naively, "like, talk into her vagina or something?" Koko looked at me disapprovingly, took a breath, and said, "Uh ... no. Communication between lovers is the key. Usually when people get over the initial discomfort of talking about sex, they find conversation extremely beneficial and hot."
Yes, I thought. That's what my girlfriend needs. A man who can talk and perform "the crooked tongue whip" at the same time. Shit, I had some serious work to do.
We sat for hours talking about the best way to ease a lover, how to use toys, and so on, but it wasn't until evening approached that we got to the good stuff: cold hard sex tips. Koko flipped over the odd-shaped pillow she had been leaning on. On the other side were lips, a clitoris shrouded in a satin hood, and many, many folds. "This," she said, "is the ‘Wondrous Vulva Puppet,' from the House o' Chicks [www.houseochicks.com], and you're going to lick it with your hand."
My arm became a mock tongue as Koko guided me through her repertoire of swirly techniques, flicking motions, penetration, and more. I could have played with Koko's pussy puppet for days, but she eventually grew weary of my puppyish enthusiasm, packed up, and left. Still, she was only an e-mail away, and I knew that although I may not have earned my master's in munching, I was no longer just whistling in the dark. SFBG
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