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Artists embrace spirituality and their many selves at "Cosmic Wonder"

The point is it would be nice to think a "nonexclusive real prayer" could be said to help resolve some of the conflicts currently raging around the world.
Nature's beauty is championed through chosen material (Jose Alvarez's sculptural paintings made of mineral crystals and seashells), content (Doug Aitken's geometrically reconfigured landscape horizon lines), and intent (Mike Paré's illustrations of blissed-out festivalgoers and ritual-inventing skateboarders). Arik Moonhawk Roper's animation Lazarian Forest is a darker and perhaps more accurate depiction of our current relationship with nature. Set to a squawking, increasingly agitated soundtrack, a strange flower blooms in stop-motion stages. Leaves unfurl skyward, a bulb sprouts from its stem, and the music reaches a crescendo as the bulb slowly cracks open to reveal a green human skull — the simultaneous celebration and destruction of nature encapsulated. Very well, then, we contradict ourselves. SFBG
Through Nov. 5
Tues.–Wed. and Fri.–Sun., noon–5 p.m.; Thurs., noon–8 p.m.
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission, SF
(415) 978-ARTS

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