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In the aftermath, viewers gathered around the barriers like groupies, bickering over which ’bot was their favorite and picking the brains of the SRL-ers. Thank Vulcan, some things were sacred — there were no T-shirts on sale. Those are on the fire-retardant Web site (
TACO LIBRE I suspect it takes either careful SRL-style planning — or its carefree antithesis — to achieve a much-coveted sense of freedom in performance — the latter approach is doubtless embraced by Inca Ore, a.k.a. Eva Saelens, once of Portland, Ore.'s Jackie-O Motherfucker and the Alarmist and of the Bay's Gang Wizard and Axolotl. She was happily howling at the full moon in Oakland last week with her paramour and collaborator, Lemon Bear, in celebration of their noise–improv–sex magik album, The Birds in the Bushes (5RC, 2006), recorded in a cabin outside Tillamook, Ore. I spoke to the sweet, uncensored Saelens at about midnight, after some enchanted evening spent slow dancing in a parking lot to Mexican radio, finding inspiration in a fish taco, and playing music under the stars.
Saelens, 26, may not completely adore her current O-town abode — "It's criminal how not affordable it is" — but at least she's not on tour, as she has been for long periods with Jackie-O, Yellow Swans, and Axolotl. "When I was in Europe, we drove through Provence from Italy to Spain, and we couldn't even get out to smell the lavender — we were so late," she said sadly. "Touring is so frustrating — you really have to juice yourself. Even sometimes doing improv, it isn't easy to bring it, but when you break through it's like being in another world. Sometimes I'll try to push an explosion or try to lose my mind, and if you do that on a nightly basis, it's unreliable and it's also abusive. You're pushing your emotions in an athletic way, almost, and sometimes your body refuses to compete."
For Saelens, it's now a race to reach a meditative spot with a violin or clarinet — a change from the spooked state of her album. "We played the stove a lot, banged on bottles," she said. This after Lemon Bear hacked his toe while chopping wood barefoot one morning. "We got sloppy — we were so happy." SFBG
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Also with Tom Carter (and Ghosting, Bonus, and Axolotl)
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