The flaws in the Josh Wolf case - Page 3

Why is a freelance journalist in jail? The closer you investigate, the more dubious the case looks

All the SFPD General Orders say is that department members requesting assistance from an outside agency have to obtain the permission of a deputy chief.
According to records from the Investigations Bureau General Work Detail, Inspector Lea Militello filed a request for assistance from the FBI and JTTF to investigate a "serious assault against an SF police officer." It was approved by Captain Kevin Cashman and Timothy Hettrich, deputy chief of investigations.
As of press time, the SFPD had not returned our calls inquiring why the FBI and JTTF were involved in an assault case, which is usually the domain of the DA's Office.
David Campos, a member of the San Francisco Police Commission, said he thinks the commission needs to look at the issue "to make sure investigations are federalized when it's appropriate and not as a way of getting around California's shield laws."
Reached Aug. 23 by phone in the Dublin Federal Correctional Institute, where he's been held since Aug. 1, Wolf suggested that the feds are after more than pictures. "The Un-American Affairs Committee [in the 1950s] called in one person and forced them to make a list of all the people they knew. It was like Communist MySpace. So, I anticipate that they want all my contacts within the civil dissent movement."
Wolf said he offered to let the judge view his video, which he insists does not capture the arson or assault. “There should not be a federal investigation. I published my video. They can use that to do their investigation." SFBG
With all briefs filed, a decision on the Josh Wolf case is expected by Sept. 4.