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Likewise, the rangy, suave pop Guide, which boasts harder-rock moments than the Lovers' debut, The Words We Say before We Sleep, maintains a subtle, knifelike edge and wit that a cultural connoisseur like SF-reared comedian Margaret Cho can appreciate. "I think that the Music Lovers are the greatest, and I love working with them because they have such a sophisticated sound, completely new yet strangely familiar," she e-mailed me. “Listening to them feels like I'm stepping into a film like Purple Noon or Belle du Jour, and I have really long earrings on that almost touch my shoulders."
It takes an effort to maintain that romantic mood: Edwards, 38, never quite recovered from his "horrific experience signed to Virgin as a fresh-faced 20-year-old" fronting an R&B and pop band. "We recorded an album with a guy named Pete Walsh who recorded Climate of the Hunter with Scott Walker, and we made this incredible album. And Virgin put it on the shelf. There's been a lot of water under the bridge, but I'll never be on another major label."
Since then, Edwards, now an occupational therapist, has been accruing the experience that comes in handy when writing songs about artful eccentrics like Cardew: he once called bingo numbers and sang covers aboard a Scandinavian cruise line and did a tour of Italian communist clubs. "We're a band of Little Edies," Edwards declares when I ask him for his favorite character from the brilliant Grey Gardens, the Maysles’ documentary that graced the cover of the Lovers' 2003 EP, Cheap Songs Tell the Truth. "I probably veer between Little Edie and [handyperson] Jerry. Sometimes I'm Jerry and I mope around the garden. But I could also be Big Edie, because I do have a tendency to lie in bed covered with cats." SFBG<
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