Welcome to the nightmare - Page 2

Can the man who stole the election actually govern Mexico?

Lopez Obrador has suggested that the judges were willing recipients of "canonazos" (cannonades of pesos) to help them better contemplate the "validity" of the election. Porfirio Munoz Ledo, a hoary political chameleon who was Fox's ambassador to the European Union, describes a post-electoral huddle at the home of Chief Supreme Court Justice Mariano Azuela, a Fox ally, where the Presidente warned the "TRIFitos" that should they declare the election null and avoid due to the overwhelming evidence of fraud, the Mexican economy would collapse and anarchy would reign in the streets. Although Munoz Ledo is an unsavory sort, his sources are usually impeccable.

Now that the TRIFE has legitimized the fraud, the IFE brain trust under the beady gaze of the chief architect of the July 2nd debacle, Luis Carlos Ugalde, is moving quickly to destroy the evidence. Following the modus operandi established after the stolen election of 1988 when the then-ruling PRI in connivance with the PAN ordered the ballots to be burnt by the military, the IFE has refused petitions from 16,000 suspicious subscribers to PROCESO magazine and a blue-ribbon commission of prominent members of the civil society to allow them to conduct a citizens recount of the ballots that are now, once again, under the protection of the military. Never! Ugalde and his mafia scoff. The ballots are "inviolable!" "The property of the people!"

But, on the other hand, the ballots are not "documents" open to public scrutiny as guaranteed by law, the IFE contends, and therefore are eminently "burnable" under current electoral stipulations. Ugalde's ruling was described as "metaphysical" by National University law professor John Ackerman. According to the IFE's hypothesis, the ballots were "documents" before they were marked by the voters but now they have been reduced to symbolic "expressions of the people's will" and thus are candidates for the incinerator.

AMLO is sworn to preventing a repeat of the 1988 flimflam and his people are pleading with Azuela's Supreme Court to stay the December date set for the burning - after all, an Ohio court just stepped in to save what ballots remain from Bush's stealing of that state's electoral votes in the smarmy 2004 presidential balloting. Not without a certain sense of déjà vu all over again, the final arbiter in this dispute may well be (who else but?) the TRIFE.

As illustrated by his armed airlift to the TRIFE silo, Felipe Calderon has a problem meeting the people he intends to govern over the next six years. In his first junket as president-elect, Fecal (as his detractors have dubbed him) took a sentimental journey to his native Morelia, the capital of the narco-ridden western state of Michoacan, where he was scheduled to lay a wreathe at the feet of that city's namesake, Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, a black defrocked priest who led the guerrilla war against the Spanish Crown several centuries before the 44 year-old Calderon first slithered from the darkness of his PANista mother's womb.

Calderon's family on all sides is a founding pillar of the PAN, an Opus Dei-like creature of Catholic bankers formed to denigrate Mexico's beloved depression-era "Bolshevik" president Lazaro Cardenas, also a Michoacan native whose grandson, also Lazaro Cardenas, now besmirches that hallowed name as governor. Indeed, Calderon 's trip to Michoacan was designed to split Lopez Obrador's three-party Coalition for the Good of All - young Cardenas is titularly a member of the PRD, AMLO's home party, founded by his father Cuauhtemoc after he was swindled out of the presidency in 1988.

But Felipillo never made it to Morales's feet (the good padre probably exhaled a sigh of relief).