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A talk with the man behind the sampled sounds of Girl Talk

One of its purest blasts of adrenaline stems from Gillis's own instrumentation, when he adds an accelerating guitar track to the "Girl, shake that laffy taffy!" chorus of D4L's "Laffy Taffy." The factoid masters at Wikipedia have already compiled an extensive list of Night Ripper's samples, nabbing 190 sources. But their efforts can't convey the sheer goofy your-peanut-butter-in-my-chocolate joy of Young Jeezy colliding with Nirvana or a magnified version of Biggie's trademark beat-fucking "uh" sound (from "Hypnotize") giving way to an equally exaggerated bump and grind burst from Billy Squier's onanistic "Stroke."
With Night Ripper, Gillis has built a popular culture landmark somewhere between a Stars on 45 hit and the copyright-flouting 1987 United Kingdom chart attack of the Justified Ancients of Mumu. He uses a Plunderphonics-like practice to create something that might have mass appeal. "I'm making this music that is challenging yet pop," he agrees. "I could have gone over the edge and doubled the number of sources and made it insanely crazy to listen to as an experimental piece or I could have slowed it down and made this easy-to-dance-to sort of record. It was a fine line, and I wanted to make something that was fun but at the same time interesting to listen to as a composition." (Johnny Ray Huston)
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