The 2006 political candidates let loose with us - Page 2

The endorsement tapes: Unedited, uncensored interviews with candidates for local office.

I absolutely could not stand the military recruitment."
Listen to part one of the Maufas interview
Listen to part two of the Maufas interview

Hydra Mendoza, candidate for school board
"There are some schools that are not serving our children."
Listen to the Mendoza interview

Krissy Keefer, Green Party candidate for Congress
"I'm running against a ghost"
Listen to the Keefer interview

John Garamendi, candidate for lieutenant governor
"Phil Angeledes is wrong [about taxes] in the context of our time."
Listen to the Garamendi interview

Dan Kelly, school board member
"I don't think JROTC is a terrific program ... it doesn't teach leadership skills, it teaches follow-ship skills."
Listen to the Kelly interview

Rob Black, candidate for supervisor, District 6
"Developers have fancy lawyers and they know how to get around things."
Listen to the Black interview

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