The Lusty Lady loses its innocence - Page 3

Male workers are making waves at the feminist icon -- and trouble is brewing.

We never said, 'Don't hire big women, fat women.' There are people who enjoy large women. But a block of the same kind of women — that was losing revenues."
Financial records obtained by the Guardian, however, show that the Lusty Lady made an average of $28,000 a week in January, $27,000 in February, $28,000 in April, $26,000 in June, and $27,000 in July. That hardly looks like a dramatic collapse of income.
The last word goes to a female dancer who refused to use her stage name for fear of retaliation.
"The union can be polarizing, but it's scary to leave because it protects our rights," she said. "The problem is that people will vote against their best interests. It's like working people voting for Bush. I think I can understand that phenomenon since working at the Lusty Lady." SFBG