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The Abi Yoyos grow legs and skirt scenes

"Quagmire" moves from medium-paced hardcore to a full-blown anthem about halfway through — a nod to Bleyle's recent "openness to prog" and odd song structures — and they pop hooks in a forcefully shameless manner; Mehrens was, after all, "raised on R&B and Motown."
"We have friends in a lot of different scenes," Mehrens said. "Bands that play hardcore, dancy punk, crusty punk, and some that don't do anything at all. At every show, there are different types of kids rockin' out."
Their first nationwide tour began in late July and has included such transcendent experiences as Dumpster diving, playing a farm in Las Cruces, and shooting Roman candles out the passenger-side window of their van on the Williamsburg Bridge. "We're a little too weird for the South," said Mehrens by phone from Ohio. "And one show flyer described us as 'strange punk,' which we all think is pretty awesome."
With any luck, their sharp wit and taut songwriting will take them much further than would the gas tank of Sammy Hagar's convertible. SFBG
With This Is My Fist, Onion Flavored Rings, Giant Haystacks, and Robocop 3
Sat/21, 7 p.m.
Balazo 18 Art Gallery
2183 Mission, SF
(415) 255-7227

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