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Daly hit with stealthy attacks linked to the mentor of his main opponent

These are the most sophisticated folks in San Francisco politics. I think a full investigation including possible criminal activity ought to be assigned to a master." He said District Attorney Kamala Harris used Sutton in her race and therefore may have a conflict of interest. The Rob Black for Supervisor committee claims no connection to the literature that hangs on doorknobs and clogs mailboxes, the push polls calling people, or the postings in the streets and tucked under windshields. "I don't support the anonymous pieces. If people are doing it on my behalf, I don't want it," Black told us. But Daly told us "the IEs appear to be coordinated.... The Black committee is not running a campaign that would be independently competitive. He's only sent one piece of mail, but he's had eight sent on his behalf." Residents suggest it's even more than that: Walker received three more anti-Daly mailers Oct. 20. Black confirmed that he had only sent one mailing to the district, and he's "not surprised" that so many IEs have sent out mailings in his support. With the exception of a filing from the Police Officers Association, the only legal IEs reported with the Ethics Commission so far are from the Building Owners and Management Association (BOMA) and Golden Gate Restaurant Association (GGRA). They also trace back to Sutton, Black's former boss at Nielsen Merksamer, a law firm that represented PG&E in the 2002 campaign against public power, for which the firm was fined $100,000 for failing to report until after the election $800,000 from PG&E, the biggest fine ever levied by Ethics. Sutton left the firm shortly after. Black stayed on until 2004, when he took a position as legislative aide with Michela Alioto-Pier. The most recent poll released by Evans McDonough purports to show Black ahead by six points (with a five-point margin of error). It was commissioned by Barnes, Mosher, Whitehurst, Lauter, and Partners, which has also been employed by Sutton through BOMA and the GGRA for the IEs in the District 6 election. The financial shenanigans have been a rallying point for the Daly campaign. More than 70 volunteers signed in at an Oct. 21 rally and hit the streets: shaking hands, distributing literature, and making phone calls raising support for Daly. Sup. Ross Mirkarimi criticized the soft money's "ugly, nasty, mean-spirited tactics" to oust Daly. "If they have to resort to these tactics, is that the kind of government we want in San Francisco?" he asked the crowd. "This is the nastiest, most personal and hateful thing I've ever been involved with," Daly said. "It's very painful." But, he said, "our people power is better than their money power." Outside a volunteer shouted into a bullhorn, "Don't let downtown interests buy your democracy!" SFBG

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