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The musical journeys and spiritual quest of Alice Coltrane

Or perhaps it is what new age music, that most maligned of genres, should have been: challenging, all encompassing, ecstatic, ancient, timeless.
It's no surprise to find devotion is of such importance to Alice, whose song titles reference nearly all cultural myths and spiritual traditions. Unsurprisingly, you won't find dogma at the root of her devotion.
"We have our one sun in the universe," she muses. "How many different names is it known by — through all the different languages? But it's providing that heat and that power and energy to all of us here and throughout the rest of the universe.
"I feel that throughout our lives, if we know where to look, where to research, we will have discovery. We will find we are so much alike as humanity. We might try to focus on differences and cultural circumstances and boundaries and all these things, but as humanity, we are so close that really, we are basically one." SFBG
Sat/4, 8 p.m.
Nob Hill Masonic Center
1111 California, SF

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