City hall's new secrets - Page 2


22 letter to the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force that the "CNPA is aware of no other state or local agency that has adopted this restrictive policy."
Herrera's office, interestingly, isn't arguing that all metadata must be secret — the opinion only says that department employees have the ability to withhold it if they want to. That's where the supervisors need to weigh in.
Young asked the Rules Committee on Nov. 2 for policy direction on the matter. The committee heard testimony and took the matter under advisement.
The chair, Sup. Ross Mirkarimi, should bring up the issue again at the next possible meeting, and the committee should direct Young — and all other city officials — to stop using metadata as an excuse to withhold documents. San Francisco ought to be taking the lead here and setting a policy precedent for cities across the state. SFBG
PS This is just one example of what seems to be a renewed war on sunshine at City Hall. The task force just had its budget cut and no longer has a full-time staffer assigned to it (although the Sunshine Ordinance mandates full-time staff assistance). The supervisors should make it clear that San Francisco isn't going to slide backward into the old, dark days.