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Dear Andrea:
My boyfriend and I have a great sex life. There's only one problem: he's working a temporary job across the country. While I'm happy for him, the distance has caused a huge strain on our sex life.
On the advice of friends, I bought a vibrator. I've found my orgasms to be quicker and more intense, which is great, but my fear is that I'll desensitize myself. I have very intense, screaming, crying orgasms with him, but I'm scared I may ruin it with the vibrator. Some days I can make myself orgasm three times or more, which seems a bit excessive. I've heard about the benefits of vibrators, but what if I can't orgasm with my boyfriend when he comes home?
Dear Vibe:
I had you in the "dysfunction: female" folder, but when I pulled you out to examine you more closely, I discovered that you're actually perfectly functional, no "dys" about it, and are merely buying trouble, as they say. Quit that.
Three orgasms a day is not excessive, although it might technically exceed what you would be capable of without the technical intervention. As long as the errands get done and no horses are frightened, you are far from out of control. You are bored and a little lonely, and really, what else is masturbation for?
As for becoming habituated to the vibrator and thus less responsive to human touch, I can't say it never happens, but I can say it's neither likely nor all that devastating. You're probably safe, since you were so screamily, cryishly responsive to begin with, and I figure that most women who do become overly reliant on the buzz were not so supersensitive to begin with. And if you do somehow manage to train yourself into responding to the vibe alone, you can dehabituate yourself pretty easily. Learning to have orgasms when you've never had one can be a long haul, but one is almost guaranteed eventual success. Learning to respond to a different stimulus when you're already Miss Orgasm 2006? Cinchy.
In the meantime and while your boyfriend is still out of town, you could do as a nice young woman I used to work with sometimes did and dutifully practice "manual release" every 10th time or so, just in case of, I dunno, nuclear holocaust or something. Maybe she just wanted to know that she could live off the grid should she ever choose to and raise goats and still have orgasms. You can value self-sufficiency without having to live in a shack and farm with your own feces. It couldn't hurt to try.
Dear Andrea:
My girlfriend and I are college students, and initially our sex life was awesome — I mean, Tommy and Pamela would pale in comparison. After a couple rounds every day for about three months, it's not that it's boring, but it's difficult for me to come now. She gives great head too, it's just that I can't come unless I imagine having sex with another girl. I can still masturbate, and I do manage to come eventually when I start imagining past lovers. I love her and really do see a future together. What can I do about this? I don't think telling her is an option because she'd just get pissed. What would you (or your husband) do?
Dear Image:
Let's just leave my husband out of this, shall we? And Tommy and Pamela too, while we're at it. I was, frankly, a little surprised to find that they're still the hot-sex-having couple of record among the college crowd — didn't that video make the rounds about 10 years ago, when there were still videos? Or is it quaint now, like the smoker reels that used to be pornography and are now considered kind of cute? Either way, ew. Surely we can do better.
It occurred to me to tell you that not all guys really love intercourse or that the exact sort of intercourse you've been having may be missing something — enough friction or a certain favored rhythm — but then I got to the part about giving great head, and there went that hypothesis.

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