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There are no citations for "walk and bump" except a few descriptions of the walking habits of poorly trained dogs, which is pretty much apropos but not what we're looking for.
I'm hardly the "women are from Mars, men crawled out of the swamp and ought to crawl back there" type, but I've got to say that women do not, as a rule, grope strangers on the street. Some men, very low and ill-bred men but men all the same, do. In Japan, it is the women who require protection from grabby-handed men on the subway, never the other way around. I dare say, Mr. Bump, that conscious or not, you are "walk and bump"–ing your crotch into their hands, and one of these days one of them is going to "bump" you back, with rather more force than you'll find comfortable, so you might want to consider not doing that.
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