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It's been a terrible month for the police chief — but would the city be better off without her?

Yet Suhr was one of the so-called Fajitagate defendants charged with conspiracy, although the charges against him were dismissed in court. He was in command of 100 officers during an anarchist demonstration in the Mission District in July 2005 when patrol officer Peter Shields was overwhelmed by protesters and injured. (That was the demonstration that led to the jailing of journalist Josh Wolf — see Editor's Notes, on the cover.) Suhr blamed a communications breakdown; Fong said that wasn't possible. Suhr was exiled to a job with the SF Public Utilities Commission shortly afterward. Police reform activists don't consider Suhr an ally, but Dufty called him "a very strong cop." Even so, Dufty agreed that the department might benefit from outside leadership. "We're at a stage where the balkanization of the department is at a level I've never seen," he told us. "I've never thought that there should be a chief from the outside, but at this time I would consider it." SFBG