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Montreal's pop-punk and ye ye combo Les Breastfeeders underwire-support their fine, fine moniker with a forthcoming full-length, Les Matins de Grands Soirs (Blow the Fuse), due in February. And then there's the city's Les Georges Leningrad, who come to town this week with their third disc, Sangue Puro (Tomlab). Could these irreducibly primitive beats, burly synth drones, and menacing electronic textures really be the sound, the timbre of ... too much timber?
Apparently Les Georges Leningrad have rustic roots that no one suspected, in complete contradiction to their press release, according to guitarist and ML-RCC synth tweaker Mingo L'Indien, speaking from Houston and hung over from partying with Quintron the previous night in New Orleans. "Me and Bobo [Boutin], the drummer — we were working in the woods. A timberjack kind of thing, working in the woods for a paper company, and we just notice this girl named Poney [P, vocalist and synth player] who was a secretary there, so one day we do a staff party for big company.”
"This is a very basic story," he continues charmingly in wood-chipped English. "There's not too much to say about it. It's not like the other bands. We are very simple people, just cutting trees and bringing it to the company, and we start a band, and now we are in Houston tonight, and we still working there sometimes."
Cutting down trees?
"No, we are just in Montreal working on our art, but we do a lot of art about woods and bats and raccoons and bears and mammals because we were in the woods for so long time that we can't quit this feeling to be a savage, you know."
"Eli Eli Lamma Sabbacthani" does ride on a kind of tribal chant, though more of Sangue Puro, such as the dark, threatening "Ennio Morricone," sounds more like toxic aural terror or the "petrochemical rock" their PR touts. Nonetheless, Mingo insists Les Georges Leningrad are simple if art-damaged folk.
"I don't know how to describe it — this is too new for us," he demurs. "It is like we eat a big steak and we need to take a walk a little bit to digest it. If you ask me this question in two years, I will be able to answer you, but for us it is like a dream that is not finished."<\!s>
Sat/25, 10 p.m.
Bottom of the Hill
1233 17th St., SF
(415) 621-4455

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