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Save your season with holiday handicrafts

For more gender-specific items, think about getting Conphorm's Um Felt wool tote and carry bags, which have a durable design for the modern maiden, and Deadly Squire's shrewd neckties — ideal for the alternadad. For other whip-smart items, look to Poketo's intoxicating array of clever wallets ( or the jocular skull patches from Krooked Stitches (
Fabric always warms up the coldest of transactions, and fabric checkbook covers from Blissen ( make bill paying that much sweeter. If you know someone who could use more comfort while managing their finances, throw in Sprout Studios' cozy tea-inspired ceramics kit ( it’s ideal for making your hot beverage merry and bright.
When it comes to the eenie ones, let's be honest: you're buying more for the parents than the kids, so why not consider adorable attire? Tiddly Toggs (408-371-7919) offers hand-knit sweaters, dresses, and hats for babies and toddlers in colors and shapes that vary with the seasons. Crafted by a British ex-nanny and seamstress (imagine Mary Poppins with knitting needles), the work features patterns both unpredictable and sedate. The three-owl pullover with buttons for eyes is a real heart warmer. The baby attire available at One Hot Tomatoe ( is pretty adorable too. Tomatoe's cheeky lobster bib could help train your favorite one-and-a-half-year-old in the ancient art of snobbery — that is, if the training isn’t already over.
If said one-and-a-half-year-old is a smart-alecky lass, you might want to drop her right into a RicRac pirate party dress from Tartlette ( Festooned with a skull and crossbones (the skull is dotted with a tiny pink bow), this dress could get your toddler into the VIP room at a SoMa club. If your fav one-and-a-half-year-old is a lad, perhaps a Mary tee from Oh Baby Apparel ( is more fitting. With a Virgin of Guadalupe patch adorning the shirt’s pocket, believers could well consider it a layer of protection (from on high!) for their bouncing boy. Complete that ensemble with high-top- or Mary Jane–<\d>style felted boots from the Clever Kitty ( and then round out the look with a grouchy stuffed doll. The Little Gorgeouses from Little and the Girl ( are sweet felt stuffed toys with an air of mystery. Lucille the French poodle carries a comforting expression, while kitten Clive is a masked avenger complete with cape. For the more acidulous, consider Scared Girl's cunning felt Pretend Friends (, who live squarely on the intersection of adorable and wonky. Rectangulo's name may give you an idea of his shape, but it says little about his demeanor. Equally emotive is poor little Grubbly, who cries perpetually, perhaps because he's got seven appendages. He just needs a little love! (FYI, these creatures are great gifts for everyone — even the grouches who say they don't care about local businesses or craftspeople and would rather scarf down food court junk while being crushed half to death at a mall. Maybe they too just need a little love.)

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