Left Behind: Eternal Forces - Page 2

Fighting for Christ is like playing Pong in a swamp

Gangs in New York have college educations and spend their time poisoning people. I know the developers are trying to keep the level of violence down, but the soldiers get to shoot each other. Are they trying to teach their children that gangs don't use guns? Has there been an upsurge in gang-related poisonings lately?

I found trying to convert people (which is the main point of the game) to be a soul-crushingly boring waste of time. There is no way teens will flock to this game (unless they feel an obligation to play the gift grandma got them so nobody's feelings get hurt).

If you see this title at your local store, do not buy it, even if you think it's funny. I promise you it is not. It must be left behind. (James Woodard)

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