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Gavin Newsom is terrified to face real political debate. That's bad for the entire city

But even the Chronicle and the Examiner — neither of which have been supportive of progressives in City Hall — have condemned Newsom for ducking this fight. On Dec. 18, Chronicle editorial writer Marshall Kirduff opined, "There is no end of topics to discuss — a Muni overhaul, a new neighborhood coming to Treasure Island, police policies, the ever-with-us homeless. The city could do with more debate even at considerable risk of dopey rhetoric. That means the mayor should step out of his office, walk across City Hall and face the supervisors. It's time to bring on the questions."

Meanwhile, Daly notes the mayor has been spending excessive time out of state, not to mention making frequent trips to Southern California. "I think we should subpoena the guy; he doesn't know what's going on," Daly quips.

A classic example of Newsom's cluelessness about the local political scene occurred live on TV shortly after 59 percent of San Francisco voted to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Asked during a Nov. 16 City Desk News Hour interview with Barbara Taylor about Proposition J's passage, Newsom said, "I am told Congress is going to come to a halt next week, and they're going to reflect on this new San Francisco value. Before you impeach the president, you should consider the guy who would become president. Why don't you start with the top two?"

Yup, it's definitely time to bring on those questions. *

Newsom's first town hall meeting takes place Jan. 13 at 10 a.m. in District 1, Richmond Recreation Center, at 251 18th Ave., SF.


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