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Kirb and Chris seduce all the Molly Ringwalds with the truth on Niggaz and White Girlz

But the most mind-blowing moment is "Doorstep, Girl." There the duo flow over Morrissey — specifically, the Smiths' single-mom scenario "This Night Has Opened My Eyes." Sinister, whose mother, Diane, gave him a copy of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis when he was young, taps into his own version of Moz's melancholic and literary approach to lyric writing, addressing a girl who "turned my open heart into an abyss."

"Before the album I really got my heart broke," Sinister says when asked about his words. "I think the best thing is that Kirb really told me, 'Man, just talk about what's goin' on.' "

"A lot of times, people in hip-hop, they try to tell their whole life in one song," Dominant says. "I study songs, and I'm, like, 'How come you can't write a song about just waking up in the morning and how the sun looks while your girl's still asleep?' "

Misery and comedy live next door to each other on Niggaz and White Girlz. The many skits that Kirb and Chris create don't just shame all the wack between-song scripts that have stunk up too many recordings since gangsta crashed Prince Paul's party — they're better and more perceptive than most sketches by comedians. On "Don't You (Take All My Money)," Ice Water scratches and scribbles over the voice of a woman who says, among other things, "Y'all wasn't playing when you said '80s dance music shit!" According to Dominant, the woman's cameo came from club hopping on the block during a typical 16-hour recording session. "We were at Hyde Street [Studios], and I was, like, 'I need chicks.' "

"Literally, we pulled those girls out of the club and got them in the studio," Sinister adds.

Dominant: "All we did was play the song and put them in the studio and let them talk over it. Whatever we liked, we took."

Sinister: "We could do outtakes of the shit they were sayin'. And that was a beautiful woman too."

A top contender for funniest skit has to be "Fuck You and White Bitches," in which a Goapele-loving young woman gets heated with Dominant because he took a girl named Becky to see Revenge of the Sith. "It got really strange, because I swear to God, when Kirb was doing that skit with her, she really started feelin' it," Sinister says, referring to the skit's actress, the cousin of one of Dominant's ex-girlfriends.

"You know the part when she says, 'I bet she can't ride a dick like I can,' and the white girl goes, 'You wanna bet?,' " Dominant asks. "That was my uncle's idea."

"At first it just ended, but my uncle was, like, 'You should add "You wanna bet?" on that shit,' " he says to general laughter.

Creativity is a family affair in the world of Kirb and Chris. "No one could have made this album but us," Dominant says. "How many hood-ass niggas are you going to find listening to the B-52's and knowing about them who can rap?" *


With C.L.A.W.S., Matthew Africa, Ryan Poulsen, and Special Fun Ambassador Cims

Sat/13, 9 p.m.

Rickshaw Stop

155 Fell, SF



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