Sci-fi made me do it - Page 2

Is speculative fiction in the blood?

We were just born that way. So you can't reeducate us into liking literature or historical tales. Our brains aren't suited for it. Moreover, science fiction may compel us to do things we can't be blamed for, like playing video games and going to conventions full of people in costumes. Perhaps unhappy futurists can be given drug therapies to reduce the activity in the science fiction region of their brains. That way they can get back to leading regular lives that include planning only for birthday parties in the future, not intergalactic societies. Yes, I like the direction this research is going. Let's get some funding. *

Annalee Newitz is a surly media nerd who volunteers to think about artificial intelligence while getting an MRI during the next study of science fiction centers in the brain.

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