Burning Man goes green - Page 2

Local gearheads turned reluctant environmentalists?

But at least they can power their indulgent disasters with the fuel the local gearheads turned reluctant environmentalists have made for them," Mason, the controversial artist who helped spearhead the Borg2 revolt a couple years ago, wrote by e-mail to the Guardian.

Price said he's excited by the implications of Mason's project, noting that it simultaneously addresses energy issues and waste disposal.

"If he can do this, he will have solved two problems," Price said. "Our relationship to nature on the playa is very intimate. Just being at the event, we've learned in a way those in the city haven't what it means to deal with your garbage and to provide your energy."

Harvey sees this year's theme as a turning point.

"In some ways, we hope this year will be an environmental and alternative energy expo," he said, although he expects it to resonate on an even deeper level that participants will carry back into their communities. "It's a much broader thing than environmental politics. It's about our relationship to nature." (STJ)