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Or, the creature from the deep Presidio: how to make the beast at the heart of The Host, the best monster movie of the 21st century

"On a typical US blockbuster movie, that never happens — the actors are in their trailer and they're off. We were drinking and singing karaoke with these guys after the shoot, and the director [and crew] as well."

At the center of everything, confident in his vision but eager to use the expertise of others, was Bong. F/X people are used to playing a secondary role as, to paraphrase Spaw, service providers whose job is to make pixels. But on this occasion, the Orphanage's experience was different. "Every now and then, you have the opportunity to work in service of a great piece of art [that] wouldn't be the same without your contribution," Spaw says. "That's why you look to work with someone like Director Bong. Both sides have gotten something truly unique out of the experience." One unique reward: they've created the biggest box office hit ever in South Korea. Another: they've made a great movie that just might become a classic. *

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