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(This is all very heterocentric by necessity, but it could apply to lesbian couples too, as long as one of them actually carried the child. Don't write to me about adoptive or male breastfeeding. Seriously, I mean it.) As soon as he gets a good night's sleep, he'll be good to go.

Postpartum women cannot be so easily cajoled back into the fold, and you don't want to give anyone false hope and high expectations just to have them go flat like those postpartum beers which might, sadly, fail to taste anything near as good as you imagined they would back while you were stuck with ginger ale all those months. (Not that I'm bitter.)

What does work, as I said, is sticking together; telling the truth instead of skulking, hiding, and pretending nothing's changed ("I just don't feel that sexy yet, hon, sorry," or "I don't think I've got all my feeling back yet. That's why I'm not coming"); sharing information (it's hormonal!); and being patient. Oh, and, of course, the occasional blow job.



Andrea Nemerson has spent the last 14 years as a sex educator and an instructor of sex educators. In her previous life she was a prop designer. And she just gave birth to twins, so she's one bad mother of a sex adviser. Visit to view her previous columns.

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