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She didn't understand why, since she is certain it must be the other friend's child because of their methods and regularity. I don't ever want to have sex again, obviously, but do I have a reason to worry here? All of a sudden she is pregnant, and I just happened to be in the picture around the same time? I'm scared to death.


Shaking in My Tracks

Dear Tracks:

You're only terrified because there has been in recent years, if not a literal conspiracy, then certainly a strong and concerted effort to hide the fact that condoms actually work pretty well. They do, and if you come in the condom while it isn't even inside her, then it works really extraordinarily well. You have been misinformed! Now shake off the shackles of ignorance, and don't ever let me hear you say you "don't ever want to have sex again." Of course you do; just use a condom. Oh, and buy that other guy a beer and a subscription to Real Dad magazine. This is so not your problem.



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