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If you know BMX, you know Rad -- and its Kix cereal-fueled hero, Cru Jones.

BA Oh god. [Pause] It's [like] being beaten over the head with an '80s stick. It's just very indicative of that time period, and that's not always a great thing, if it's the '80s we're talking about.

SFBG What about the ass-sliding? Another classic Rad moment ...

BA It was really cold, and they gave us these wetsuits which did zero good if you're just gonna be in and out of the water. It was one of the less glamorous parts about the job.

SFBG When was the last time you watched Rad?

BA Probably 10 years. It's hard for me to watch anything as an actor. You just wish you could change everything. But the racing sequences are stellar, and I guess that's why people watch the movie time and time again.

SFBG Is it true that they're thinking of doing a Rad sequel?

BA I think that's one of those rumors that refuses to die. They haven't even put the movie out on DVD yet, but people ask about [a sequel] all the time.

SFBG The time is ripe for a Rad revival — did you know that, for the first time, BMX is going to be a sport in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

BA I did not know that. That's incredible. That's so cool! (Cheryl Eddy)

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