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Taqueria Mexican Grill

My assumption is that Phenomenon performed the operation, but I could be wrong.

The important thing was that everyone was OK now and that, through some miracle of lucky timing, I got to be in the recovery room when they brought Crawdad's new little soccer star to her, all measured and crusty and shit, just squirming and kicking with wonder. Cutest thing you ever saw. And there ain't a dry eye in my house every time I think of the look on Crawdad's face when, finally, they set her baby against her skin.

The daily newsman was gone now so, appropriately, I got to hold Crawguy's movie camera for what will likely remain the most profoundly beautiful sight I've ever seen: little Z.Z. finding out for her first time ever what was for dinner. I can't speak for her. For me: carne asada. (Old friend!) Thanks to which, like a drunk on drink, my hand did not shake. *


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1359 Locust, Walnut Creek

(925) 932-8987

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Wheelchair accessible


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