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It's width that does most of the heavy lifting, and it's width that's most likely to be missed if absent.

Sex educators, myself included, love to surprise people by emphasizing just how numb to touch the supposedly supersensitive vagina is once you get past the vestibule and, um, front parlor. Even up front, we have more receptors for stretching than for stroking. Then there are all the goodies collectively thought of as the G-spot - paraurethral sponge, Skene's glands, "crurae" of the clitoris, and so on - which often languish in obscurity or just lie there thinking of England until something curved or just plain thick enough to arouse a response out of them arrives. Width roolz! (Length, by contrast, necessarily droolz.) I hope you realize, now that your equipment problem has been solved, what you've got there is, as they say, not a bug but a feature.



Andrea Nemerson teaches sex and communication skills with San Francisco Sex Information. She has been a theater artist, a women's health educator, and a composting instructor, but not at the same time. She is considering offering a workshop on how to have and rear twins without going crazy, since she's currently doing that too.

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