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Andrea Arnold's stellar film "Red Road" scrutinizes grief and reconciliation

Arnold and the other two Advance Party participants - Dane Mikkel Norgaard and Scot Morag McKinnon - cast together and discussed story lines that each would pursue, but the films are stand-alone narratives in which "the other directors are free to create their entire universe."

Red Road's universe is bleak enough even before Jackie explores its seedier pockets, first through TV screens and then by physically visiting the places she's seen on video. The surveillance theme is a nod to classic cinema (think Rear Window, The Conversation) and the information age.

"I've read we've got 20 percent of the world's cameras in the UK," Arnold said. "There's a lot of CCTV - it's kind of a fact of life in this day and age. But my character uses it in a way that people are not supposed to use it. It's supposed to be a crime-prevention tool; you're not supposed to be following people. But who wouldn't be tempted? I find just watching people fascinating, people going about their lives and doing ordinary things. I find it riveting." *


Opens Fri/4

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