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Jello Biafra and others pay tribute to icon Dirk Dirksen

Their music delivers.

After all these years — and at this awfully nervous moment in history — it's also a good time to consider Biafra's new spoken word collection, a seriously timely 210-plus minutes of sardonic, smart, and occasionally funny political commentary. When he exited the DKs, Biafra drifted away from music as the principal vehicle for his wit and insight. Although he never moved far from punk, his work today seems to follow in the footsteps of social critics such as Paul Krassner.

On Grip (Alternative Tentacles), which consists of live material from various performances, Biafra offers uncommon observations about common household pests such as George Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the wars on Iraq and on terror, and other familiar American vulgarities. Careening through a club while the Dead Kennedys were playing doesn't, in most respects, share much with sitting down and listening to Biafra tear into the fabric of imperial America. What hasn't changed, however, are the drive and acerbic wit that Biafra brings to the stage — then and now. *


Jello Biafra MCs the celebration of Dirk Dirksen's life, with SF Mutant All Stars, the Contractions, White Trash Debutantes, No Alternative, and others

June 8, 8 p.m., $25

Great American Music Hall

859 O'Farrell, SF

(415) 885-0750

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