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David Copperfuck are playing with you

Samuel's distraught bark adds to the fray.

"I feel like our shows are always really fun, because there's not really any posturing," Samuel offers. "We're pretty unassuming with the people. We set up, and then it just kind of explodes, and it's like 'Here we are.'"

The four hope to soon release dual split singles with Oakland's KIT and Orinda's ParasitesGo! and will also embark on their first West Coast tour with Connie Fucking Francis in June. They also run True Panther Sounds, a record label they started in college, which has released albums by Lemonade, Broken Strings, and Standing Nudes. So what took David Copperfuck so long when it came to documenting themselves? Bein confesses that their debut single took a while to make because of their "inexperience with the whole record recording and releasing prospect of being in a band."

"I think we are about as unprofessional as it goes," Klein says with a laugh. "Live is like the only thing we can do."


With Didi Mau and Manhater

Thurs/31, 9:30 p.m., $5

Eagle Tavern

398 12th St., SF

(415) 626-0880

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