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If you do go ahead with this, and you do find someone worthy of your submission, you are going to have to talk about it, whether you want to or not. Not only is it unsafe to do S-M with people you know nothing about, it isn't even fun. What if you want to wear a neat little skirt and heels while bending prettily over nearby furniture, while he wants you to be a bad puppy and sleep in a kennel in the kitchen? What if your idea of submission is saying, "Yes, sir," a lot, while his idea of domination includes branding irons and cattle prods? Can you see how this could get ugly?

In romantic fantasy, the heroine meets the rough but passionate and shirtless master of the manor when she fetches up at his door as a penniless et cetera. In real life, I'm sorry to tell you, she meets him online or at an S-M "munch" or through kinky friends or at a party. And then they talk. I'm sure you'd rather toss your hair tempestuously while a dark and stormy stranger bends you over his knee and yanks down your pantaloons, but you'll get over it.



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