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They even make boxers, callooh, callay!



Dear Andrea:

You might have suggested to Itchy that Scratchy [5/9/07] grow a beard. It's natural, and many women and men find it most exciting to have a beard between their thighs.


Hairy Krishna

Dear Hairy:

Rilly? Have you spoken to many of them personally?

There is, of course, a niche market for beards. My biggish, beardedish husband and I dragged my family of origin to the Russian River, a very, very gay resort area, last summer, at the same time the Bears (oh, look it up) were having their annual Teddy Bear's Picnic and Hootenanny or whatever, which led to many hijinks and much hilarity and confused my father thoroughly.

There are women who specifically dig beards as well, but most either dig the guy who wears the beard, agree that a particular beard looks nice on a particular guy, or love the man but hate the beard. Few love the beard more than the man — let's put it that way — and "it's natural" is not altogether persuasive, considering the many things that are natural but don't look nice stuck to your face. Thanks for the suggestion, though!



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