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Your male partner might absorb the medicine through his penis if it comes in contact with the medicine." Unless you're both some kind of demented, round-the-clock, insatiable sex monkeys, it really shouldn't be too difficult to figure out the time of day that you're least likely to find yourself suddenly and spontaneously exposing your partner to conjugated estrogens, and apply the cream then. As for oral ingestion, dunno, but it should be equally avoidable. Apply in the morning, get head at night, or vice versa.

The creams are indeed harmful to condoms, just by virtue of being greasy, and I'm appalled that your doctor wouldn't mention that, or any of this, really. He isn't really wrong about the IUD, incidentally, but he's very wrong not to mention sex when prescribing something you put up your lady parts. He may be wrong about more than that — any chance you could see somebody else? As for the doc on TV, well, I adore the show for the quips and the sexy crip, but you could get better medical information from This Old House or maybe Animal House. Estrace has a 1-800 line, you know.



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