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Frenemies with benefits: Can sex outlast the relationship?

Before you know it you will be "triggering" her again, this time quite possibly on purpose (I was tempted to add "and with a real trigger this time," but it wouldn't be tasteful). I think you'd do best to look elsewhere for sex and attempt friendship, cautiously if at all, with your ex. If you're meant to be together (by which I don't mean "fated," but merely "suited," in case you were wondering) you will find yourselves shifting back in that direction when you're ready. It's nice and all that she's "willing to heal," not to mention treat you with respect, but frankly, all you have is her word on that. She hasn't actually done either one so far, has she? And also frankly, you sound neither so hard up nor so desperately pining for her as so make it worth the probable unpleasantness. Exes are in some way the easy choice — you don't have to go out and meet anyone, which for some of us anyway can be a powerful draw, but on the other hand you don't get anything better than what you already had and gave away, and usually with good reason.

I just wouldn't.



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