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Tweeking the tidelands: Migden's attempt to amend coastal law triggers a classic land-use battle

"The Golden Gate Tennis and Swim Club is a really sweet facility, but it ain't public recreation. Migden's bill benefits some very well-heeled people when the interests of many are at stake."

Migden's bill, which cleared the Senate but must return for final approval because of the amendments, is set to work its way through the Assembly by August. Benson said continued negotiations would be a good thing. "We appreciate Senator Migden's work, but we believe height limits are a locals-only matter to be decided by the Board of Supervisors and the mayor."

But the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association's Diana Taylor said her group "spent hours getting the community informed, telling the port what we wanted, until eventually we came up with a bottom line, what our compromises were.... That's where senator Carole Migden developed amendments, and this was the first time that we came to a coordinated agreement. But now we find out that the port isn't happy with some of the amendments. What we'd like to see is a more clear-cut strategy to bring the port and the communities together. We're adversaries right now, but we shouldn't be."

With the port set to have a public discussion July 31 about lot 337 (the Giants' parking lot next to Mission Creek), Jennifer Clary of San Francisco Tomorrow notes that Mission Creek is home to 60 species of birds. As she said, "Isn't habitat preservation and restoration part of urban development? Is it really a choice between people and birds? Is that the decision?"<\!s>*