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You need to grow up a bit, after which you may begin to attract more suitable partners — or at least learn, as toddlers must, that you don't have to pick up every random thing, no matter how unsuitable, and put it in your mouth.

As for attracting whoever because you want or don't want whatever, I think there's a fallacy we all tend to fall for that is, like so many things, simply not as true as it sounds. I suppose that the most popular version — the one about how desperation is not attractive, so stop wanting a boyfriend or girlfriend, and one will magically appear — has a certain truthiness going for it, but it also both blames the victim and promises more than it can deliver. Personally, I believe neither that you're attracting yucky people because you don't want nice ones nor that the universe will deliver someone really neato as soon as you deserve him or her. It would be nice if things worked out that equitably for everyone, but in my experience, the universe is kind of shiftless and lazy and just doesn't bother.



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